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So, do we.
Welcome to Design Grid.

Design Grid is our special team that
builds positive impact through product design.


Design Grid explores
the tools, actions, strategies
and inspirations behind
good systems of design.

How can design help create a shared value? Can we design better products, solutions and organizations for tomorrow? This is where we come in.

The Design Grid Team speaks to products designers and game changers who share a similar vision.

Together, we can stay committed towards a positive impact.

What’s more?

Series of

More on the initiative

No two products are
the same. So, no two
episodes should be either.

With Design Grid, we plunge into how design shapes ideas, products, strategy and decisions for some of the biggest names in Product Design.

Join us, as we talk to thinkers and innovators from some of the most creative tech companies in the world.

About us

What’s Lights Out

As human beings
we all love a great story. We help you
find yours.

Design & Experience

Creating brand identities and experiences. Working across intuitive & minimal user interfaces for design solutions.

Brand Management

Helping businesses strategise, communicate, grow and sustain in a crowded environment.

Digital Transformation

Using technology to help businesses scale & immerse their customers into impactful experiences.

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