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Design Grid is a dive into everything unique - businesses, products and ideas.

We talk to some of the most creative people in the world, to gather their unique perspectives, strategies and ideas on what it takes to embed creativity across products and businesses.


We see design thinking applicable across all walks of life. It’s not just a business startegy, but a life ideology. And that’s what we aim to capture through our conversations.

Meet the legends we are talking to.

Rakshit Sinha

Senior Product Manager @ Spotify

Kirti Avasarala

CPO @ Meesho

Neer Sharma

Co-Founder @ HaikuJAM

Nik Sharma

Founder & Director @ Sharma Brands

Shashank Randev

Founder @ 100X VC

Vishal Gupta

Heading Product @ PhonePe

Jake Bjorseth

Founder @ Trndsttrs Media

Anirban Das

Head of Product @ Dunzo

Design Grid covers a series of insight-driven conversations with product leaders.

Each episode will have different themes to decode the dynamic nature of product design. No two products are the same. So, no two episodes should be either.

Join us as we talk to thinkers and innovators from some of the most creative tech companies in the world.


What’s Lights Out Studio?

We are a nuanced, creative studio into brand & design.

User Interface & Experience Design

Design runs across everything we do. We’re about interfaces that talk to people, convert customers & drive experiences across applications & websites.

Brand Strategy

Brands are vocal, digitally active and dynamic. We help channelise products to become brands, engage with their customers and build momentum for their sustenence.

Some of the companies that we have worked with

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